Wednesday, 26 December 2012


MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you got lots of expensive presents, ate your weight in fancy flavoursome food and cracked all the crackers (and put on the silly hats you got from cracking the crackers). My parents have gone to bed, and being back in the ol' family home I'm now sufficiently bored to actually update this fucking blog.

For a while I've been a fairly regular artist for the Brindle Blog, assisting John Brindle and his numerous siblings in their intellectual forays into the relatively uncharted depths of video game critical theory. Blog banner images are pretty fun to do, as the small image size isn't too demanding, whilst still allowing for a lot of creative freedom. Here's what I've done for the Brindles so far. Clicking them will take you to the relevant blog post (with the exception of the first, for which no article exists):

And this is the first image I did for the Brindles, drawn to accompany an article I wrote about how Metal Gear Solid learned some important lessons from, of all games, Pac-Man: 

Oh, and here's a banner image I did for my friend's blog (which you should check out, because it explores some really intense and interesting shit about cold war culture): 

So yeah, that's my bi-annual update done. Now I'm going to crawl back into the fetal position. Ciao.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Wall Post

WALLS. The unsung heroes of domestic privacy. Without them, we’d be forced to witness the disgusting habits of our neighbours – and they, in return, would bear witness to ours. I, for one, am extremely grateful that Henry Wall discovered the wall in 1869. And that’s why I feel compelled to draw all over them.

First off is my most recent foray into WALLART. I drew a giant skullbot thing on my wall and - for your viewing pleasure -compiled the process into a timelapse video. 

And here’s the (mostly) finished thing (still gonna touch it up a little bit):

And while I’m at it, I may as well show some previous wall murals I’ve painted. The first one is a giant Elmer, and the second a tree full of birds. Both are for childrens’ bedrooms, so I restrained the urge to add some crazy mech shit, or make all the animals cyborg death-bots, or something.

So yeah. Long live the wall. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Valiant Return

OK, so to the impartial observer it may seem as if I’ve been lazy and haven’t updated this blog in over half a year. To such individuals I would say this; while you may be technically correct in your assertion of the lateness of this post, your assumption of my laziness is not only incorrect but hurtful. I have been incredibly busy. Incredibly busy. I would love to tell you why, but unfortunately I cannot, because I am lying.

Well, now we’ve got that out the way, let’s get on with some HARDCORE ART.

At the tail-end of last summer, I decided to try my hand at Tshirt designs. It was fun, but incredibly difficult to come up with a bold, witty design. Y’know, the kind of design that people would actually want on a Tshirt. And then I got a job and kind of forgot about doing them (incredibly busy). But here are the ones I managed to get to a near-finished state.

This is the first design I attempted, and is probably my favourite. Opium’s coming back in a big way.

This one went through a few revisions before I was happy with it. The tricky thing about designing with the possibility of print in mind is that there are often colour limitations (I submitted most of these through Threadless, which require a limit of 8 colours, including black and white). Mind you, the benefit of this is that it really makes you think about what colours are necessary, and what colours go together.

Unfortunately, the Mega Drive didn’t output in a high enough resolution to depict such realistic visions of Sonic’s demise. This Tshirt is an attempt to rectify that.

This one wasn’t actually finished, as I was going to change the hands, and possibly swap the newspaper for something else. But, you get the idea. HE’S A SPIDER HAHAHAHA