Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Wall Post

WALLS. The unsung heroes of domestic privacy. Without them, we’d be forced to witness the disgusting habits of our neighbours – and they, in return, would bear witness to ours. I, for one, am extremely grateful that Henry Wall discovered the wall in 1869. And that’s why I feel compelled to draw all over them.

First off is my most recent foray into WALLART. I drew a giant skullbot thing on my wall and - for your viewing pleasure -compiled the process into a timelapse video. 

And here’s the (mostly) finished thing (still gonna touch it up a little bit):

And while I’m at it, I may as well show some previous wall murals I’ve painted. The first one is a giant Elmer, and the second a tree full of birds. Both are for childrens’ bedrooms, so I restrained the urge to add some crazy mech shit, or make all the animals cyborg death-bots, or something.

So yeah. Long live the wall.