Wednesday, 26 December 2012


MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you got lots of expensive presents, ate your weight in fancy flavoursome food and cracked all the crackers (and put on the silly hats you got from cracking the crackers). My parents have gone to bed, and being back in the ol' family home I'm now sufficiently bored to actually update this fucking blog.

For a while I've been a fairly regular artist for the Brindle Blog, assisting John Brindle and his numerous siblings in their intellectual forays into the relatively uncharted depths of video game critical theory. Blog banner images are pretty fun to do, as the small image size isn't too demanding, whilst still allowing for a lot of creative freedom. Here's what I've done for the Brindles so far. Clicking them will take you to the relevant blog post (with the exception of the first, for which no article exists):

And this is the first image I did for the Brindles, drawn to accompany an article I wrote about how Metal Gear Solid learned some important lessons from, of all games, Pac-Man: 

Oh, and here's a banner image I did for my friend's blog (which you should check out, because it explores some really intense and interesting shit about cold war culture): 

So yeah, that's my bi-annual update done. Now I'm going to crawl back into the fetal position. Ciao.