Friday, 3 May 2013


This page was looking a little decrepit, so I decided to spruce the place up with a colour change and a nice new banner image. Look how the banner Image glistens and sparkles with awesomeness! (If it’s not glistening and sparkling, your monitor is probably filthy dirty, rather than there being a lack of awesomeness on the image’s part).

Anyway, might as well throw some artwork at you, now I’ve got you gawping at me.

More Brindle Blog illustrations:

Both are somewhat sexually perverse. For this, I ask that you blame the articles they were designed to punctuate. You know I would never draw something unsavoury of my own volition, of course!

Oh, and here’s some character designs I did for a friend’s student magazine. I’d link the ‘zine, but it was print only. Ah well:

 I’ve also been sketching some pictures for music site Crack in the Road:

The first is a depiction of Justin Beiber signing Anne Frank’s diary, for an article written about how historical figures could take inspiration from today’s pop music scene. The second image was for a post entitled ‘five things you could waste a fiver on’, shamelessly plugging CitR’s (now) monthly live show. You can follow the Callum Booth, the writer of both articles, on twitter - @c_r_booth.

Lastly, I threw together a compilation of the banner images I made for the Eurogamer front page when I was doing work experience there. Not very arty, but it showcases my photoshop skills I suppose (careful, it's a big file):

Though it may not look like it, most of the images have been quite heavily photoshopped to make them look good in that aspect ratio. So, basically, CHECK THIS OUT POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS.


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